Thoughts will come and go. You do not need to believe the thoughts and feelings that arise, you can just watch them. Does the sky identify with the cloud? The sky allows the clouds to come and go.

The mind has a tendency to identify with whatever arises. With mindfulness training you will be able to control your mind and realize you are much more than the thoughts and the stories in your head.

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All human beings have a mind that is constantly thinking and identifying with their thoughts.

To stop thinking is not possible.

What is possible is to train the mind to be aware of the thoughts and stop identifying with them.

Mindfulness is a practice that develops the ability to direct the mind to pay attention to one thing without judgement. And it is a skill that develops self-awareness.

Mindfulness practices may sound very easy to do. Try it now: sit and watch your breath for just 3 minutes and see what happens.

Can you notice how you are constantly thinking, distracted and perhaps agitated?

Training the mind to stay still and pay attention takes time and practice.

Developing the capacity to train the mind to be present is very powerful. Not only will you discover how little control you have over your thoughts, you will realize how much time you spend creating stories that are not true and how reactive you are to your own thoughts.

I will work with you to empower you to train your own mind through an individualized mindfulness practice. As you develop your practice you will become more aware of the root cause of your discomfort and together we will uncover debilitating beliefs that prevent you from paying attention to the present moment.

Slowly you will learn to recognize the glimpses of freedom from identifying with the thoughts and stories that the mind creates. And with guidance and practice you can stabilize that view so you will be free to be you.