Abuse in Yoga

When we allow ourselves to experience misogyny and abuse, whether firsthand or through others, we are admitting to the universe that we believe certain people are more powerful than we are. We allow ourselves to exist in a world where we are less than. This mentality sabotages our self-esteem. Continuing to victimize ourselves leads us to perpetuate our ingrained feelings of not being good enough. Ultimately, if we continue to have relationships with the abusers, we will repeatedly internalize the idea that we are not love-able.

Inner Mean Girl

Three Ways to Identify Your Inner Mean Girl and How To Keep Her Quiet

Every one of us has that inner voice that guides our thoughts and actions. Most of the time this conscience keeps us on a progressive path toward our futures. She helps us reach our goals, she keeps us focused, and she gives us the motivation to strive for our dreams.

But other times she’s just plain mean.

When our inner voice has gone mean she’s turned into a critic, blocking our positivity and stunting our development. Like a little seed, she burrows deep in our minds and sprouts. As she grows she spreads doubt, fear, and even anxiety.

Yoga and Mental Health

Is your yoga practice a vehicle for mental health and self-actualization or are you content with just the physical practice? Yoga was originally intended to be a practice to facilitate self-actualization, meaning to realize who you are and be comfortable being you. More recently, in the western yoga world, there has been a separation between physical development and spiritual development. …