It’s About You

My work is about helping you realize your true potential so you can live your life with more awareness and freedom from suffering.

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It is difficult to see how our mind contributes to our suffering. An outside perspective from a trained expert can help crystalize the limiting beliefs and unconscious old patterns that prevent you from being you.

It is easy to avoid looking at these patterns and it takes effort to work on them. If you choose to do nothing and hope it will pass, these patterns will continue to negatively influence your life and suffering will persist.

A good therapist can help by pointing out what we need to accept and where we need to grow in order to reach the next step in our own evolution. There are many tools available to help you move out of old mental and emotional patterns that actually limit your potential and well-being.

Call me today, and together we can gather and work on the appropriate tools that you need, apply them skillfully, and begin to transform your life for the better.

A Little About Me

In my own life, I was born with a thirst to understand human suffering and how to alleviate psychological pain. This desire led me to travel and live in India for many years to study yoga and meditation – the Eastern techniques to self-actualize. The practices I learned from my teachers in the East and my work as a psychotherapist increased my knowledge to understand better how human beings can heal and grow most successfully.

I changed my profession from a financially successful business executive to a yoga teacher and licensed psychotherapist. I devoted my life to the internal pursuit of mental health and self-actualization.

My mission is to share the knowledge and tools I have acquired over the last 25 years with as many people as possible.

I believe in helping people live to their true potential, and I would love to assist you in your growth, healing, and awakening journey.

Gretchen Suarez, Licensed Psychotherapist
License number: LMHC 13690