Abuse in Yoga

When we allow ourselves to experience misogyny and abuse, whether firsthand or through others, we are admitting to the universe that we believe certain people are more powerful than we are. We allow ourselves to exist in a world where we are less than. This mentality sabotages our self-esteem. Continuing to victimize ourselves leads us to perpetuate our ingrained feelings of not being good enough. Ultimately, if we continue to have relationships with the abusers, we will repeatedly internalize the idea that we are not love-able.

Yoga and Self-Awareness

How To Use Your Yoga to become Self-Aware

It’s common knowledge that yoga originated in India and is thousands of years old. The practice was developed by ancient yogis in order to leave their community and contemplate the meaning of life in solitude. Their intention was to sacrifice and rid themselves of the ego and to stop clinging to the material world which is the cause of much …