Many people feel overwhelmed, discouraged,
and have to figure out life on their own.

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  • Do you take things too personally?

  • Do you easily get defensive?

  • Do you find yourself over-reacting?

  • Do you wonder why you are the only one on Facebook that isn’t so damned happy?

Therapy is a method for getting past these feelings and living the life you know you can be living deep inside.

In therapy, we shine a light on and then work with the underlying beliefs that are the source of your particular Issue. Once we reveal them, we customize a set of tools for you to work with. This leads you to find new freedom to be yourself without the reactivity and pain.

You’ll be happier and more of who you really want to be.


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What’s the benefit of doing the work of therapy?

  • Reduced reactivity to people and situations you don’t like
  • Less likely to take things personally
  • More relaxed and happy
  • Live your life with freedom

Stop allowing frustration or depression to define you.

Learn how to understand and work with fear, anxiety, depression and anything else that impedes you from directing your life into what you want. Instead of allowing anxiety or depression to overwhelm you, you can develop the power and skills to allow these feelings to come and go without reacting to them.